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TIN-A-TUS or TIN-EYE-TUS: Either Way, It’s Annoying

Imagine this: You just finished a long day of hard work. You are looking to finally relax and decompress from all the stress of the day. After all the noise, chaos, and activity from the day…you just want to sit in peace and quiet. But just as you get comfortable, you start to hear a ringing/hissing/roaring/whooshing/chirping/whistling/clicking/pulsing sound. Where is it coming from? What on Earth is it keeping you from enjoying the quiet?


More often than not the sound you are hearing is something called tinnitus, a perception of sound in the ear or ears when there is no external sound present. In most cases, patients consider tinnitus to be an annoyance to which they adjust. A small percentage of individuals, however, will experience a debilitating effect on tinnitus. Some patients may even be told “there is nothing you can do” about the perception. This is absolutely false! While there is currently no “cure” for tinnitus, there are plenty of ways to help manage the ringing.


You should know that if you, or someone you love, has tinnitus that you are not alone. A majority of people have experienced a mild ringing or another sound in one or both ears at least occasionally. More than 50 million people in the United States experience tinnitus, according to the American Tinnitus Association (ATA). But what about bothersome or debilitating tinnitus? Approximately 10-15 percent of adults experience tinnitus that requires medical attention.


Here at FYZICAL® Therapy and Balance Centers, we approach your complaints with a whole body approach. This means we do not just treat the problem, we push to understand where the problem is coming from. Although there are many causes of tinnitus, the following are some of the most common:


Tinnitus is most noticeable in our situation at the beginning (think, wanting peace and quiet) because the environment is quiet and makes the presence of tinnitus more noticeable. The presence of ambient noise, even something as small as a fan or noise machine, in the background can assist in distracting from the annoyance caused by tinnitus. Certain types of tinnitus will resolve on their own, such as when certain medications are changed or discontinued or following loud noise exposure. More often than not, tinnitus is constant and, for many individuals, does not go away.


It is important to schedule an appointment with a specialist, like a doctor of audiology, to help evaluate the cause of and potential management solution for your bothersome tinnitus.


We all want the very best for ourselves and our loved ones. If you or someone you love has bothersome or debilitating tinnitus, call us or submit a request via FYZICAL First http://fyzicalvegas.com/first/ today for a complimentary hearing screening to see if further diagnostic testing is needed!  



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