I don’t know; we haven’t met you yet! We like to keep everyone’s length of treatment specific to them. While we do believe there are proven methods to achieve certain outcomes, they may not match your desired goals. During your initial visit you will have time to discuss your goals and our team will give you a time frame to achieve them within.
While specific exercises may be discontinued, we do encourage all our patients to carry on with an active and healthy lifestyle. We will be able to discuss at graduation what the most important things you need to do to stay healthy, active, and independent!
Whether it is pain or dizziness most times the initial irritation will quiet down and you will start to feel better on your own. This is where things get a little tricky because your body never makes a fully recovery. The tests and assessment we perform with you can help determine that you’ve healed to an optimal level that lets you know you’ve not only restored your health, but done a great job at insuring your problems won’t come back any time soon.
During your initial examination we will do a thorough examination and measure your current level of function using standardized tests. During your goal setting time with your clinician we will help determine what you want to achieve with us. Regularly throughout your time with us we will retest your performance to track change and measure your progress towards your goals. This is a great time to make any adjustments to the plan as needed. If you were referred by your doctor, we will also be sending this data to them so they exactly how you are doing along the way.
Dizziness usually occurs because your brain is getting mixed signals from parts of your body. Imagine 3 or 4 people talking to you at once, but they’re all speaking a different language. After we perform our evaluation, we will be able to see what systems are sending the bad signals. Then we do training exercises to teach the system how to send the right messages again.
Sometimes. But we work with you to control and manage the appropriate training. Have you or do you know anyone that ever worked out too hard at the gym and they had trouble moving comfortably the next day? Anything done to an extreme can make you feel not so good. When we are working with you we will be asking about your response to treatment throughout the session. Sometimes to help dizziness we need to expose you to things that make you feel a little symptomatic, but when controlled it should go away very quickly.
All physical therapy programs in the country train their students to a doctoral level education. This means we have a clinical doctorate in the study of physical therapy, much like a dentist has a doctorate in dental medicine. We aren’t physicians and cannot prescribe medication. We prescribe hands on and exercise programs that keep people active and healthy.
One of our mottos is spelled different because we are different, and we truly believe in that. Our top priority is our patients, and we look at our patients as family members. You will see in some of our upcoming emails that our goal is to provide you with more than just physical therapy, but to help you improve your health, stay active, and love your life in every way we can.
We accept ALL insurances except Medicaid. We work closely with many physicians in the area who send their patients to us based on the results we provide. Because these results typically meet or exceed physicians’ expectations, at times they will send a patient to us even if we are not contracted with the patients’ insurance company. In the case we are NOT a contracted provider for your insurance, we are not bound by a contract and can discount your out of pocket cost to mirror your in-network out of pocket cost. Our client care specialists are more than happy to contact ANY insurance to find out what kind of “deal” we can work for you so that you can receive quality care.
We have great cash rates for physical therapy treatment if you choose to forego insurance or if you do not have insurance. Contact our client care specialist today to learn about our remarkable services, programs, and rates.
We are open Monday through Friday, 6am to 6pm
In most cases you do not need a referral, we will be more than happy to check with your insurance to verify their requirements. The state of Nevada is a direct access state. Direct access states allow patients to recieve care without a formal referral, but not all insurance have to follow the state statutes in regards to direct access laws.
A typical physical therapy visit will last anywhere from 45-80 minutes.
You may be referred to physical therapy because of a movement dysfunction associated with pain. Your difficulty with moving part(s) of your body (like bending at the low back or difficulty sleeping on your shoulder, etc.) very likely results in limitations with your daily activities (e.g., difficulty getting out of a chair, an inability to play sports, or trouble with walking, etc.). Physical therapists treat these movement dysfunctions and associated pains and restore your body’s ability to move in a normal manner without little or no pain.
Leading up to day one, one of our client care specialists will provide you with information in terms of what you’ll need to bring with you.
Comfortable exercise clothing such as a t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. And most important of all…a smile!
People get sick, emergencies happen, and we understand. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call our friendly client care specialists as close to within 24-48 hours of your scheduled appointment time as you can.

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