Concussion Management:

Retrain Your Brain, Regain Your Life

FYZICAL Comprehensive Concussion Assessment Overview:

• We are the Premier facility for managing Concussion with the FYZICAL Comprehensive Concussion Assessment that no other facility in the Nation is using to effectively manage concussions at all levels. Due to the comprehensive nature of our assessments, parents/athletes/coaches can be rest assured that they have or will recover to their capacity or even beyond if they suffer a head injury/concussion.

• Developed and founded by a National Expert in Concussion Management Dr. Nicholas Branch, PT, DPT, NCS. Elite Brain Performance by FYZICAL has one goal regarding concussion management, which is that everyone that suffers a concussion experiences the pinnacle in evaluation/treatment to return back to their previous level (or maybe even better than ever)!

Our Paradigm:

• Would you send your child or love one out to play with only a quarter of their equipment?

• Why send them out to play with only a quarter of a baseline?

• Elite Brain Performance has developed FYZICAL’s comprehensive baseline screening to address all systems affected by concussion.

• Know that you have done everything for your child by having an accurate baseline should a head injury occur.

Immediate Injury:

• We offer Immediate Post Emergency Evaluation within 48 hours of calling to schedule!

• Our local emergency practitioners have done their duty to rule out an evolving brain injury, let us assess to the greatest detail how all your major systems that are affected by concussion are working.

• Through FYZICAL FIRST we can assess head injury immediately following suspected sports or motor vehicle accident concussions. Then help make necessary referrals.

• Strict bedrest has been disproven in the most recent research, so let us as the experts guide you in a more complete recovery!

• Our post concussive evaluation is one of the most detailed in the nation with top of the line experts trained by Dr. Nicholas Branch, PT, DPT, NCS, a national expert in concussion rehabilitation.

• Don’t Play Head Games! Don’t delay in getting your assessment, the longer you wait to get better, the longer it will take to get better (increasing risk of developing post concussive syndrome where symptoms can last months or years).

Return to Sport/Play/Work

• Elite Brain Performance in Combination with our orthopedic/sports rehabilitation team have created the most comprehensive assessment for determining readiness for return to sport.

• Now multiple studies confirm that individuals after seemingly “recovering” from concussion that are asymptomatic are 2-3x more likely to have a lower body injury.

• This gave us the opportunity to show FYZICAL’s Comprehensive Concussion Management works to get athletes/workers/general public back to what they love, so you can Love Your Life!

Concussion Quick Facts & Myths

What is Concussion

A Form of mild traumatic brain injury induced by biomechanical forces that are either directly or indirectly (as in whiplash injuries) transmitted to the head, which can cause a myriad of neurological signs and symptoms including headaches, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating to name a few. When not managed properly concussion recover can be delayed and lead to life altering post concussive syndrome!


Most entities may have you perform a computerized neurocognitive test (if even that) to determine a baseline and if you had a concussion. But that is less than one quarter of the systems affected by concussion, are you going to take that risk? It really is like sending your child out with less than a quarter of their gear!


“My child did not lose consciousness, so he/she did not suffer a concussion while playing.”


Altered mental status is a sign of Concussion, therefore if head injury leads to a loss of consciousness it would be a concussion for sure. However, loss of consciousness is not required for concussion.

10-15% of concussions become persistent post concussive syndrome where symptoms can last for months or even years! Get in early and often to receive treatment at Elite Brain Performance by FYZICAL


“ I didn’t see my child hit their head against anything, so I don’t see how he/she could have a concussion.”


A direct blow to the head is not a necessity in concussion which can also occur following indirect force to the head as in a whiplash movement.

For Youth League/Schools

• Let Elite Brain Performance Manage Your Pre-Season, Immediate Injury, Concussion Recovery, and Return to Sports needs through our comprehensive concussion management paradigm.

• We have partnered with one of the leaders in NeuroCognitive Testing XLNTBrain to provide not only convenient NeuroCognitive Testing but also a full-service preseason management program.

• Utilize our compliance training program to ensure you have met the legal requirements for your state (a quiz & assessment to track your parents’/coaches’ compliance is included in your program).

• Quarterly education events for coaches/administration and parents directly.

Sports Brain Performance:

Train Your Brain, Enhance Your Game

Elite Brain Full Brain Performance Overview:

• We are the Premier facility for complex neurologic and vestibular training for enhancement of Sport and Show Performance. We are able to provide athletes of all levels the advantage that they are missing in the performance of sports. Our mantra is to “Why would you leave a stone unturned? In your pursuit of:

1.) The scholarship to the University you had dreamed of attending?

2.) The next big contract as a professional athlete?

3.) The ability to help yourself and your teammates in the pursuit of a State Championship

4.) The career as the top performer in Las Vegas’ premier display of exquisite acrobatics

5.) The ability to be the best athlete or performer that you could possibly be

Goals of the program are simple: Take Your Performance to the Next Level & Keep You on the field/court/stage as long as possible (injury prevention)!

Elite Brain Full Brain Performance Assessment

• Most Comprehensive Assessment Paradigm based on Dr. Nicholas Branch, PT, DPT, NCS, a Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, innovation in Neurologic Performance in Sports.
• Objective data compared to peers and normative data.
• State of the art balance and visual assessment equipment.
• Normative data through our research on testing in athletic populations to provide specific areas for improvement.

Sports Visual-Vestibular Enhancement Training

• The Vestibular system consists of the inner ear apparatus and the connections to the brain. The Vestibular system controls how well we can track a ball, how well we can see while our head is moving, how well we balance, and how to process visual information in complicated game/performance situations.
• Your Visual system (eye movement and tracking abilities) may not be effectively communicating with your vestibular system causing delays in ability to track a ball, a defender, or slowing your reactions in the heat of the game!
• We train this system like no one else in the Nation, in order to improve your performance using state of the art equipment!

Sports Balance Training for Performance Enhancement

• Balance systems are required to make adjustments in the game or during a performance.
• What happens if for some reason (a previous head injury, an inner ear infection, or balance defict since childhood) you lose ability to maintain balance-> Non-Contact INJURY!!!
• Don’t Put Yourself, Your Career, Your Performance at Risk. Train Your Balance with state of the art balance equipment to assure you’re at pinnacle of your abilities!

Vegas Performer Balance Training

• With Elite Brain Performance founded locally in the Vegas Valley, we must assure all of our performers are at the top of their game for high flying acrobatics and breath-taking shows!
• Aspiring performers come take the most comprehensive balance assessment to determine areas that can be trained to take the next step in your career.
• Obtain baseline data to track performance while performing balance training on our state of the art balance equipment.

Neurologic Fitness:

Post Neurologic Event (CVA, TBI, MS) High Level Training

• Designed for the athlete in all of us!
• Have you suffered a neurologic event or condition and want to get back to high level exercise/fitness/training?
• Are you afraid to exert yourself due to an underlying Neurologic Condition?
• Then the Neurologic Fitness Program is for you! Developed by Dr. Nicholas Branch because of his unwillingness to succumb to what level of function an individual is supposed to maintain after a neurologic event.
• “If your progress is only limited by the level of knowledge and creativity of the pracititioner guiding your care then Elite Brain Performance, where we push the boundaries of what is expected after neurologic conditions, is for you!” – Dr. Nick Branch, PT, DPT, NCS

Program Overview

• Fitness based training with Neurologic Twist
• Specialized monitoring based on your Neurologic Condition
• Ideal after completing traditional physical therapy to keep pushing the boundaries!
• Incorporates Complex movement patterns in athletic environment
• Integration of single and multiple level task combinations during activities.

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