The Patient’s Interest is the Only Interest

Our licensed and doctoral physical therapy team here at the FYZICAL Wellness Institute has been carefully selected from the most well-trained, evidence-based clinicians in the country. As a team, we have one purpose, to serve YOU and your specific needs and goals as a patient. That means a few things…

Direct, one-on-one time with your clinician EVERY visit.

• Evidence-based manual therapy techniques to help you move better with less pain.

• Exercise specialists guiding you every step of the way and standing by to answer your questions.

• The Pensivy Method™ – Proven techniques ONLY found at our facility to help you heal faster.

• MiracleWave™ treatment to alleviate discomfort from inflammation, scar tissue, trigger points.

• Custom orthotics designed to decrease pain from disorders of the lower back, hips, knees, feet.

We treat you as a WHOLE person, designing a plan of care that revolves around your specific goals, getting you back to doing the things that matter the most to you. Most times, that will start with recovering from an old, nagging, or new injury/condition that limits your daily function. We treat a vast array of conditions, pertaining people of all ages and activity levels. Our list includes…

• Spine

– Neck pain

– Whiplash

– Headaches

– Thoracic & rib pain

– Lower back pain

– Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

– Spinal Stenosis

– Disc herniation

– Spinal osteoarthritis

– Post-surgical rehabilitation (laminectomy, discectomy, fusion, etc)

• Shoulder/Elbow/hand

– Rotator cuff injury

– Shoulder arthritis

– Dislocations

– Tennis elbow

– Golfer’s elbow

– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

– Neural impingement

– Post-surgical rehabilitation (rotator cuff, carpal tunnel, etc)

• Hip/Knee/Ankle

– Hip pain/impingement

– Tendonitis, tendonosis or ligament problems

– Knee sprains

– Ankle sprains

– Stress fractures

– Plantar Fasciitis

– Flat feet

– Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

– Post-surgical rehabilitation (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, Hip/knee replacement, meniscus, labrum)

Returning to Sport

Athletes need to look no further, as our proven return to sport training concepts have helped athletes of all ages return to the court, field, gym, ring, rink, and stadium. The way we do it is by staying up to date on the latest research studies on each specific sport and its potential injuries, combined with your individual needs as an athlete, thus creating a treatment plan that ensures your successful return to highest performance levels.

From low level sprains and strains to career-limiting sports injuries to concussion screening/treatment, our dedicated team of clinicians has built close relationships with local physicians to ensure the highest level of care is provided in a timely manner, just like the pros.

Come See Us Today!

You’ve now learned a little about us, now we want to learn about you! We can’t wait to meet you, hear your story, and join in on your journey towards healing in an environment that is centered around YOU. Come experience physical therapy at its finest. Our team is standing by, see you soon!

Locations that offer Fyzical Therapy

FYZICAL Vegas Dean Martin (inside Athletic Gaines)

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Athletic Gaines

7770 Dean Martin suite 307

Las Vegas NV. 89139


8am-5pm, Monday through Friday


Phone: 702-445-7554

Fax: 702-445-7401

Email: info@sportstherapylv.com

FYZICAL Vegas Cheyenne


9070 W Cheyenne Ave Ste 100

Las Vegas, NV 89129


6am-6pm, Monday through Friday


Phone: 702-655-8535

Fax: 702-656-5863

Email: info@sportstherapylv.com

FYZICAL Vegas Buffalo


401 North Buffalo Drive, Suite 120

Las Vegas, NV 89145


6am-6pm, Monday through Friday


Phone: 702-880-1515

Fax: 702-880-1511

Email: info@lasfyzical.com

FYZICAL Vegas Pecos


9005 S. Pecos, Suite 2520

Las Vegas, NV 89074


6am-6pm, Monday through Friday


Phone: 702-818-5000

Fax: 702-818-5001

Email: info@lasfyzical.com

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