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FYZICAL Vegas is a place for people to get well. We help people living with musculoskeletal problems, balance / dizziness issues, hearing loss and so much more! If any of these problems are limiting you from being active and enjoying your life, then it’s time to GET FYZICAL!

In 2013 FYZICAL’s national company was just getting started and discovered the nation’s most advanced balance and dizziness clinics here in Las Vegas. These sites became the flagship balance centers for the national brand and became the model for hundreds of new FYZICAL locations around the country. Key features like the Safety Overhead Support (S.O.S) rail system were designed here in Vegas to allow patients a safe place to regain their balance without fear of falling. Advanced technology like the Epley Omniax Chair and the NeuroCom Posturography allow for highly accurate diagnosis and treatment of complex vestibular (inner ear) balance disorders. In-house audiology services provide convenient, comprehensive care for those with symptoms of dizziness and hearing loss. At FYZICAL, our Audiology and Therapy team strive to assess each patient’s individual needs to build effective solutions and lifelong relationships.

In 2015 Scott Pensivy, founder of S.P.O.R.T.S., began a unique partnership to bring world-class sports and orthopedic care into the FYZICAL network. SPORTS garnished worldwide recognition as physical therapists treating some of the biggest names in athletics and show business. Their founding principle, “The patient’s interest, is the only interest” defined the practice and set the standard for care of the whole person in the Las Vegas valley. Every person that walks through the door receives the same VIP level service as a celebrity. “Fyzical SPORTS” as they became, brought together multiple health disciplines including Pilates, massage, dietary nutrition, and fitness to become a comprehensive health center. We are excited to share the joint partnership of these two groups as one unied company bringing THE BEST in Orthopedic, Balance/Dizziness, Hearing, and health and fitness to Las Vegas!

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